Help me ( Brave reward )

how to solve this problem?
every day looking for solutions like this but i did not find articles about like this

please answer my question
thanks you

Hello, what is that brave mobile or pc version? @coininfo welcome to the community

@Dgenies PC version

Can you help me ?

okay are you on the latest release v0.68.132

  1. goto the Brave://rewards
  2. Screenshot%20(18)
  3. click show all pending contributions
  4. the pending contributions modal would show up, click remove all.
  5. close pending contributions modal
  6. turn off autocontribute (optional)


It just say you can’t tip because you don’t get enought monney.

For exemple, in one month, I’ll automatically give 5.0 BAT. But if I don’t get them, it will show you the message you get, it just say they will try give 5.0 BAT next month.

You can disabled it by turning off the contribution :
Turn off it : dddd
( it will be grey when it’s off )

Have fun.

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