Help Installing Video Downloadhelper

After recently uninstalling Video Downloadhelper (VDH), I have had no joy in reinstalling the app. Even when signed into the Chrome site I get an error message and a forbidden message in my downloads.
I did see in another now closed thread to copy the crx file into the Brave extensions page but this did not work.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

How did you “copy the crx file” did you go to Extensions, enabled Dev mode and it threw an error or something?

Thanks for the reply.
I used the drag & drop method and I tried it in the developer and non developer mode. The browser just asked if wanted to copy the file again.

You have to drag and drop in Extensions, it will not copy again, it will tell you if there was an error or not with the manifest or something.
You could also unzip the crx, just rename it to zip and unzip and load it unpacked.

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Hi Emi.
Your solution has worked for me now.
Thank you very much.
You put an end to all my fretting…
The best to you.

Awesome. Do a favor and mark their post/comment a solution when you could, that way everyone knows this has been resolved. Thanks!

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