Help I'm a new content creator and I don't want to be treated as fraud

Hello … friends, I have just created my YouTube channel for two months and I have been 4 videos and they are growing little by little every day, I wanted to ask if it is okay that with that small channel I start advertising the brave browser and it is not in breach of the regulations brave and then my account is suspended, I already have my brave account but the publicity I have been doing has been through Twitter and other channels, so I would like to know if I can start sending my referral link for my comments video and if I will not be suspended for having a small channel that is starting, I ask this question because I have read part of the terms and I do not want to end up being treated as fraudulent

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I would say every one can help to promote the browser. Small or big channel who cares?
Sign in create an account and get your referral code.

E.g. i only had 3 downloads this month but nofreakingbody installed it. :blush:
So what. In your community user settings you can also set a link to your channel so we all can see who you are and maybe subscribe your channel.
Take small steps, you’ll like it here. :kissing_heart:

ok friend, I say it because I read on this page that the founder of brave Brendan Eich admitted that anti-fraud measures they make Brave, and its BAT token, “semi-centralized”. In this sense, I bring up the case of some YouTube accounts with “two videos that only have one hundred visits (or much less) each”, which, however, are receiving donations from Brave. Which he describes as an obvious case of scammers posing as content creators to steal revenue.

so this made me think that if you are not a youtube with thousands of subscribers or views you cannot receive bat of referrals because you will be scamming or something similar

Sure to have a channel where only 100 people visited and have 200 confirmed referrals is very suspicious. But you are maybe just a beginner and there is no reason imho to not let you promote this awesome browser. I would say give it a shoot.
Anyways you can also ask an admin/moderator about the subject. DM them they are kind to help, sometimes it takes a day ot two for a response when they are to busy.
Here are the contacts:

ok, thank you very much friend

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