HELP! I use mobile Brawe browser nightly and Brawe browser not bats

I use mobile brave broweser nightly on phone for a long time. I getting ads thats not problem but when I open triange with rewards its shows 0 , whenI go to settings and open open ads I see how many bat I have and cents…
Hiw to fix rhis , is this bugs? I can not transfer bats to Uphold wallet. What to do??

On regular Brawe browser is the same situation, I getting ads but in reward I can not see tham… nothing… Only in settings I see… When I try to trnasfer to Uphold, I dont have enough bats…

The first image is your current Browser Wallet balance. If you’d linked it to Uphold, then that will be your Uphold Brave Wallet balance too. (not to be confused with the Uphold BAT Wallet)

The second image is your estimated payout balance. You’ll have to wait until 6-8th of each month, when the payout procedures start. Only then will the estimated balance transfer to your browser wallet balance.

On both browser , all bats will be transfer to rewords? Every month when I get reword?

Say for September. All the BAT collected as of 1 Sept to 30 Sept will be transferred to your Browser Wallet on 6-8th October.

On the forums, there will be a post stickied to the top, saying September 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status. The payout is a week-long process, and will take a while to process finish.

This is an example from May 2021:

I forgot the specifics, but you should switch on Browser Sync, and link both Wallets to Uphold (or Gemini). Else both browser wallets will be independent, and show different balances. (aka they will be 2 different wallets and cannot be merged)

Also note, you can only link to Uphold (or Gemini) 4 times in your entire lifetime. Once past 4 connections, you will not be able to link anymore, even if you try to disconnect the link. This is a big problem that Brave currently has no workaround for.

On Nightly browser, whwn I open Uphold site I got that my wallet is verified,but when I go to google , its not

Why when I go to Facebook , my wallet is not verified?
But when I come ro brave community ,wallet is verified??

All my browser are on Uphold

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