Help! i sent ETH to my BAT wallet but it didnt show up?


Hi there, i recently started using Brave and love it, so i sent some ETH to my Brave BAT wallet and it is not showing up. What can i do? Should it have shown up by now? Thanks

here is the transaction:



Thanks for providing your tx. Your ETH will not display instantaneously. Please check back in a few hours. Let me know if you still don’t see it after some time.



Hi Lauren, thanks for the reply. what BAT do you start with? is it 10 token? or 10 USDs worth?


I’m not sure I quite understand your question - are you referring to the BAT giveaway we’re running right now?



yes, when i signed up for it i got some free BAT but im not sure how much it was. sorry if its a bit of a vague question. its hard to explain


thats whats showing now


Current giveaway is the approximate of $5 USD - so the amount of BAT you received was probably 10 (depending on when you claimed it) :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!



ahhh so it looks like its gone through? :slight_smile: just doesnt say in the “last contribution”


So ‘Last Contribution’ actually will refer to the date you make a payment with Brave Payments - not the date you put funds in your wallet.

So, on Feb 23rd you are scheduled to make a contribution with Brave Payments to your chosen sites (which are displayed in the table below your screenshot on the Payments page). What this means is when you have Brave open on/after Feb 23rd a payment will be made matching your monthly budget amount (as long as your account balance is equal to or greater than your monthly budget amount).


lovely, thank you very much for your help Lauren :slight_smile:


No problem! Going to close this thread out, just open up a new one with any other issues/questions.


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