Help, I don't know how to handle it

Description of the issue:

I downloaded Brave Nightly a few days ago, but unfortunately no ads were displayed from the beginning. The application does not appear in the notification settings (notifications & actions). I have exhausted my possibilities of finding the source of the problem. The wallet is configured and verified. Thank you in advance for your help.

If somewhere there was an answer to my question, I apologize with all my heart.

**Brave Version: 0.71.28 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 , Windows 10 Home version 1903

Are you sure that you have Ads enabled in Settings? Additionally, have you looked through our troubleshooting guide?

Yes, I have browser enabled. I reviewed troubleshooting guide . I didn’t find the answer to my problem there.


@Firewatch did you live in supported countries?

Yes, my country is on the list of countries supported. From August 15 it is possible to enjoy collecting BAT tokens for watching ads in the Brave browser

Do you have Brave set as your default browser by chance?

Yes, I set Brave to default browser

I don’t have any ads yet. It’s a bit depressing that it doesn’t work for me

Can you tell me what region you’re currently located in? Additionally, are you connected through a VPN service?

I am located in Poland. I do not use VPN service

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