Help, I broke Brave (Win 7)


Short version…
Win 7 64 user,
I noticed bandwidth being used when none should have been used, I closed out Brave and bandwidth stops being used. Yea.
Later when I tried opening Brave, it won’t work. Click on icon on the taskbar, double click on desktop or start menu same result, the wheel runs for a split second next to the cursor and that’s it.

I’m not sure if it was trying to update Brave at that time.


Hi @joe_bob,
We’ve had users reporting crashes after updating to V0.23.75/77 which may be what you’re experiencing. Do you know if it updated before or after the issue started?


Hi Mattches,

I know Brave updated on my system a few days ago. I did stop that by closing out Brave, but unlike yesterday, it would start up again and informed me there was an update.

Does this sound like I need a clean install to fix? If it is, is there a way to get my bookmarks, tabs and history out, i.e. go to this file folder and copy that before doing the clean install.


Solution from another site, don’t uninstall, just reinstall.


When you reinstalled, did you get the most recent release? V0.23.79 as of today.


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