Help how can i withdraw this bat my wallet from uphold

who can help me! As the image shows, my bat is on my android phone but I can’t verify and put it in my uphold wallet. Anyone who happens to this if they know the solution, please help.

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You’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first in your Android wallet before that “Verificar billetera” button clickable. And you have 3.25 BAT, ATM.

You can send it to verified youtube and ask that guy if he can send you that bats to your uphold account. I withdrew mine with same.

I just don’t understand any of this. I cant link my bat to uphold. All of the " integrations" on uphold app don’t connect to my account. Sites and apps just continually run me in circles. This is all just way over complicated. It’s chaos. So many accounts to create and link this and verify that. There’s so streamlining. Even the community forums layout is just to random and there’s just no structure to any of this. Feels like it’s just one thing slapped on another.
If this is meant to get people interested in a free and open internet , this won’t cut it. Its a major turn off just trying to figure all this stuff out. I dont have time for all this

see the post that has 3000+ bats

No. That’s a decimal. If it’s 3K BAT then you’ll see a much higher USD value.

Also, Android users will be able to connect their Rewards wallet to the existing Uphold account in the upcoming release. The same flow like desktop.

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