Help for the sight impaired


I have been trying to use Brave both on my PC & android for some weeks now but have glaucoma & will need to go back to Chrome… against my wishes. At least Chrome has add-ons that one can use like a heightened contrast which is really desperately needed for all Brave pages. It’s insipid colors although pleasant to able sighted is very difficult for those of us who are not as equally able. The writing I’m doing now is a not very dark grey would be better black. Heaven only knows what benefits are available if you can’t see to read about it. I don’t like Google or Facebook & YouTube but am forced to use all of these authoritarian, angry demonic globalist organisations. I find it difficult that some limited help would not be available so please let me know where it is & how to access it & I’d be very grateful. Just the contrast thing would make the world of difference.
Thank You,


You can easily install Chrome Extensions in Brave.