Help file correction needed

The instructions to export passwords have not been updated to reflect changes to layout, this page is incorrect:
Specifically point 3 is incorrect:

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Open the Main Menu in the the top right.
  3. Click Settings --> Additional Settings --> Auto-fill --> Passwords
    There is no Additional Settings option.

It should read:

  1. Click `Settings’
  2. Search ‘Password Manager’
  3. Click elipses to the right of Add button and select ‘Export…’



Nah, if nothing else it’s just remove the Additional Settings part. And just so you know, the menu used to have more context. Like if you see where my arrows are pointing, you’ll notice there’s a line. On that line, it used to say Additional Settings.

So yeah, even in the past it wasn’t something to click on. But it used to be just a hint on where to look.

I’m moving your topic. Do a favor and make sure to put future topics in the proper category. You placed yours in Account Deletion Requests but it doesn’t seem you’re asking to have your account here deleted, lol.

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