HELP - "Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged"

Description of the issue: When trying to verify my wallet through Gemini I am getting the message “Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged”. I have retried and got this a few times now.
Not sure if it’s related - but I am also having issues trying to receive brave rewards, the past few months I have not been receiving BAT, but still seeing ads.

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation? New Wallet

How can this issue be reproduced? Issue 1 - by trying to reverify my wallet. Issue 2 - looking through error logs something is stopping me from receiving BAT

Brave Version (check About Brave): Version 1.40.107

Additional Information: Would be awesome to have both these issues resolved.

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Starting to receive BAT now. Hopefully that issue is resolved fully.

Now just needing help verifying wallet. Still getting "Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged”.

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So many others are having this problem, Its been over 6 months since my profile was flagged and I could verify - it never fixed itself like the profile flagged notice says. I have opened another claim with support as suggested earlier.

@obaker Welcome to the community. Please provide some additional information that may help another community member or support troubleshoot your issue.

  1. Please update your Brave version. Your version (1.40.107) is outdated and may be causing an issue. The current release for desktop is 1.44.101 and for Android 1.43.93.
  2. What is your OS version?
  3. If your are using an Android device, does it pass the SafteyNet check?
  4. Are you in a supported country for Brave-Custodian Account verification? You can check here: Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider
  5. Have you been able to successfully connect to Gemini in the past or is this the first-time you are trying to connect?

Please post an update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Chocoholic Thanks for your reply.

  1. I have updated my browser and tried again but still getting the same error message.
  2. OS version 11.6
  3. Nope not using android
  4. Yep I am in Australia.
  5. Not that I remember. So yes this is the first time I am trying to connect (I believe)

@obaker Anything dealing with the message you’ve received is something that only Brave can help you with. What’s interesting is if you are flagged, you shouldn’t be earning BAT. So that’s intriguing. I’ll tag @SaltyBanana over here just because of that fact.

However, my tagging him over this way won’t solve much. What you need to do is submit a support Ticket so they can officially look into it and will have all the information from you that they need.

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@Saoiray hm ok, thats possibly why it wasn’t earning for ages, interesting that it just started again recently.

I have submitted a support ticket. Thanks.

Will it help to add my support ticket number to this thread?

@obaker Yeah, might be helpful. Especially since tagged SaltyBanana on this. If you get it added ahead of time, then when they see this topic they may see your ticket number and can look it up.

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Thanks for the help @Saoiray

Case number for my support ticket is 157207

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@obaker Since you started earning again but were still receiving a flagged message, I was hoping the update would clear the message. I find this a really curious situation. I know Brave support has been tagged and you have submitted a ticket, but could you try the following to see if the message clears?

  1. Disable Brave Rewards
  2. Close the Rewards tab.
  3. Close the browser, wait a few, then reopen
  4. Go to brave://rewards, enable Brave Rewards and try to verify with Gemini again. Make sure you disable Auto-contribute if it is toggled back on.

This is just for my curiosity. If you prefer just to wait until contacted by support, no worries. Hope you problem is solved quickly! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am earning BAT but my profile is flagged also, support is not answering my emails and I never received a reply or ticket # … This is ongoing for over 6 months now.

@uidvh4_HG.d I just posted in your topic here:
Rewards profile Flagged , account locked ?!?!

I also replied to posts you made on the the same issue in this topic:
Error: Brave Rewards profile is reported Unfortunately

Please post requests for additional support in your topic and not in others. If you would specifically like Saoiray’s help, then tag him in your topic. He is very active and willing to help all community members.

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If flagged, you shouldn’t be able to earn BAT. So in that aspect, your situation would be very weird. Could you do a favor and give a screenshot of the error message just to confirm? It’s not that I don’t believe you or anything, but I had someone else who said they had the same message as you are but when they shared, we saw it was the notice advising their region isn’t supported. Not sure why they reported the wrong thing, but it just leaves me always liking to validate if possible.

There’s no email address to write into. Not sure if you’re saying you’ve sent DMs or how you’ve contacted them? Practically anything dealing with Rewards, especially payment issues or flagged accounts, tends to have to be handled by people working at Brave. In order for them to best assist you, an official support ticket needs to be created. Of course, you need to be very specific about your issue and make sure you provide all the necessary information.

This suggest that you never submitted a support ticket. The ticket # is provided immediately upon creating a ticket. It is sent as an email to whichever email address you provide in the ticket number and it’s usually through the email that support will contact you to ask for more information or to provide you updates. So if you claim you’ve submitted a ticket in the past, I’m guessing you put in the wrong email or it might have been caught in the spam folder.

Here is screenshot

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@uidvh4_HG.d Appreciate it. Sorry for inconvenience. So yeah, main thing is just have to submit the support ticket. You should get a response to the email address you provide when you do it. That email will provide you a ticket number.

Tickets are handled in the order they are received. Typically they try to get to people within 3 business days, but depending on circumstances, it can take longer. Main thing is just trying to be patient. If you submit and don’t get any updates within about a week, then follow up on a topic (make sure your topic, not “hijacking” someone else’s thread like we are doing now) with your ticket number and we can tag someone like SaltyBanana or Evan123 to see if they can update you. But for now, #1 priority is making sure actually have an official support ticket in.

I filled out the customer support form as instructed here on this forum, forgive my incorrect description. My support form only received an email of receipt and never an assigned ticket number (I can screen shot all of this also).
Don’t know what else you may not understand about this, I was not receiving ads & rewards for several months until the latest update.
Yes I am receiving ads and rewards and I just sent you the screenshot of what you said is not possible.
Can you help with this any further?

Hi @obaker,

This should now be resolved. Should update in the next hour.



@SaltyBanana all good now! Thanks heaps.