Help! Claim Bat but it won't transfer to my Uphold wallet. It's been 1 week and on. Ayuda¡, Reclame Bat pero no transfiere a mi billetera Uphold

Hello, I need help, I have 4 devices (3 w10 and an android) between the days 06 and 07 November 2020 I complained, placing the captcha normally, but, several days have passed and Uphold replies that they have no news of anything. My lost Bat is total 8,756 BAT. I ask technical support to see and solve my case please.

If anyone could solve please help. If anyone has an e-mail to claim please help.


Hola, necesito ayuda, tengo 4 dispositivos (3 w10 y un android) entre los días 06 y 07 noviembre 2020 reclamé, colocando el captcha normalmente, pero, han pasado varios dias y Uphold me responde que ellos no tienen noticia de nada. Mis Bat perdidos son en total 8.756 BAT. Solicito a soporte tecnico que vea y resuelva mi caso por favor.

Si alguien pudo resolver por favor ayuda. Si alguien tiene algun e-mail donde reclamar por favor ayuda.


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Hi @Oso.polar,
To confirm you have 3 computers on Windows 10 and 1 android device.
What are the balances for each device?

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Hello, it is indeed 1 android. Pc1 = 2.54, Laptop2 = 2.17, laptop3 = 2.11, Android4 = 1.92

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You need 25 BAT in each wallet before you can connect to Uphold.
If you are connected to Uphold you won’t see a claim button, the transfer happens automatically. But since you do see the claim button, thats an indicator that you’re not connect as-well.
Please give it some time to reach the 25 BAT and then try connecting your wallet to Uphold.

Hi. I know perfectly well that in android I need 25 BAT at least, but what happens with my BATs from the browsers on my computers?

PSD: If I am connected to my Uphold wallet.

Hi @Oso.polar
Apologies for the late reply. Please see my DM.