Help about Affiliate program

I have worked on your Affiliate program and achieved the best results in the past six months. My profits exceeded $9,000 per month.

I can also continue to bring in thousands of active downloads by social media advertising, either through sponsored ads or through the large groups and pages that I own.

I have been working in the Affiliate field with other companies for more than 8 years as well. I have achieved great successes, and thus I can send several pieces of evidence to you.

All that I ask you to do now is to make my account one of the accounts that will remain active and can bring more referrals in the next little period until the announcement of the new program.

a screenshot of Statements for the past four months, and a screenshot of my profits this month are attached.

Thanks and I’m awaiting your reply.


We do not take requests like this on Community (or anywhere) – the changes to the referral program have been out and known for some time now. We apologize for any inconvenience.