Hello, I still have not been given tokens for my referrals, although promised this month

Hello, I still have not been given tokens for my referrals, although promised this month

The payout process should have already been completed. Can you elaborate a bit on why you believe you should have been paid when you didn’t?

I have no idea everything was done correctly and payments were not given

Can you please DM me with the email associated with your Creators account so I can take a look on my end?

where to get your mail? and what is DM

DM = Direct message
Click on my user icon, and click “message” and provide me with the email you used to sign up for your creators account

did I do the right thing? did you get the letter?"

Hello there,

Your account was flagged because our automated anti-fraud systems noticed unexpected activity… We’re getting a lot of account review requests right now, so it will probably take a little while to get back to you. If you are cleared, you will receive all BAT due to you in the following payout period.
In order to re-activate your account, we need to work out whether the things our automated systems saw were actually fraud, or just something they aren’t trained to understand yet. To do that, we need you to tell us about how you were using your account so that we can reconcile that with our records. This review will get started as soon as you answer these questions. Please provide as much detail as you can.

  1. How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?

  2. Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

We’re happy to answer your questions about this process. Please be aware, however, that we cannot reveal specifics about which activities trigger our security checks.

You should also check out some of our new guidelines regarding grant usage: https://support.brave.com/hc/articles/360029235132-BAT-Creator-Grant-Guidelines. You need to follow these rules or we’ll suspend your account.

The Brave Publishers Team

checks… Your check was back in August when I lost my phone and turned off the two-factor authenticator and waited 15 days, again passed checks in my personal account . I was supposed to get tokens back in October . And you again all endure. So far I have not advertised your browser and just check it. My referrals are my friends and relatives. I would like to get something already from this browser. Because this story of delays has been going on since August

Why should I suffer from the fact that you can not give me tokens for 3 months, and ask me to wait another 1. I want to get paid as soon as possible to understand that I did not work in vain

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it is understandable for your frustrations, as a fellow creator what we can do is report and wait

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