Hello i need help with Brave Reward REGION

Hello, I ran into a problem that when I go to Brave reward it gives me that this say “SERVICE” is not available in my region, but I looked at the list of available countries and my country is on this list, how to fix it and how to find out if something affects it in terms of at least see which country “Brave reward” thinks I’m coming from

Please check the information at link below:

On an unrelated topic, just advice for the future:

It’s kind of long, but another thing you may want to check is Tips for posting and getting assistance. The key takeaway from it and the friendly advice I am hoping to share is:

  1. Try to search for related topics before you post. Often, you can find others who had your issue and the solution to it.

  2. When you do create a topic, make sure you’re providing as much information as possible. Otherwise it can be difficult to provide assistance.

Anyway, I hope the top part helps.

Hello, I couldn’t find a solution to my problem. I live in Italy and my other gadgets like Brave phone and laptop work properly and I don’t have any problems with the region there and I can participate in the Brave reward my problem is that I can’t find the region change in the browser on the computer and I don’t understand why The browser thinks that I’m not from Italy because vpn and other applications are not activated on my PC. My ip address matches my real one

This isn’t about VPN or anything. If you read the link that I provided to you and mentioned that your operating system settings is what might be. If you go to look at what your region (locale) shows on your computer, what does it say?

I checked and the region in the computer system is Italy

@Alexjkx regional format as well? For example, the person in screenshot below had region for Belarus but it was saying they couldn’t participate in Rewards. This was because they had Russian for Regional Format. Once they changed the format, it allowed them to participate in Rewards.

I am bringing this up and asking the difference as I know it has confused others. Because they say their country/region is chosen, but they don’t understand that the format also counts. So just wanting to verify with you how both look.

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