Hello i have a problen with my BAT on the browser (1800 DOLLARS)

hello i have a problem with my money, i meet this browser and the BAT token in coinbase, sorry for my bad english

i send 1800 dollars aproximately from my coinbase to my browser and it does not let me to turn it back :C what i can do?

the button in the top does not work starting when i send the money :frowning:

yikes! wallets attachment to an owned uphold account is coming soon. I can’t tell when but It is coming really soon. @asad @mattches.
Quick fix : wait till wallet registration is on full release or better still download Brave BETA restore or import wallet key from Brave to Brave beta before verifying wallet.

then Verify wallet the 1800 usd is immediately transferred to your personal uphold account.
PS: You may have to tip one BAT to a publisher before it may work with uphold fully.
Also Welcome to the community @Angeloandrea.


Hi @Angeloandrea. You can withdraw your BAT balance to your linked Uphold account if you download the Beta version of Brave. Here are some basic steps on how to withdraw your BAT. Let me know if you need any help.

  1. Backup your wallet recovery code. You can do this via the Rewards settings screen. Copy this key down somewhere safe. Do not lose this key or your balance will be lost!

  2. Install the Beta version of Brave here: www.brave.com/download-beta. This version allows you to withdraw BAT from your browser wallet to a linked Uphold account.

  3. Open Brave Beta and restore your wallet balance via your recovery code. You should see an option to do so on the Rewards settings page.

  4. Withdraw the BAT to your linked uphold account.

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thanks for your helps <3 you saved my money :3 i am happy again wiiiiiiiii

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