Hello i can't recive rewards

Sorry, Brave Rewards is not available

Unfortunately, it looks like you’re in a region where Brave Rewards is not available. Learn more

Don’t worry.

You can still browse privately!
strong textHello , im From Latvia . My Country have permissions to recive it ! My regions is not Russia . or other country who not allowed ! How resolve it ?

i have :
1 Laptop : All the same
2 Laptop : All the same
in first i can connect to gemini < on the second cannot . He write to me bad region . But all is same .

Gemini is USA only. The exception to this is if you’re using a Rewards profile that was connected to Gemini before this change. Changing profiles, uninstalling and reinstalling Brave, adding new device, etc all would not count and would fall under current rules that say you can’t use Gemini.

If this is the notice you get, then your settings show you are in Russia. You really should check the link SmartyAadi provided. I will also link to you again. Please click and read it in its entirety. PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray Once you change Locale so it doesn’t show Russia for country or regional format, you should be good.

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Thnx . Mb, i can use my Brave Profile with connection to gemini on 1st loptop , in second laptop ? Its possible ? I resolve my problem with location . But how i say , 1st laptop connected to gemini ,scond cant now . MB i can do something to copy my brave profile from 1st to 2nd to use two computers ?

@mrlulli could you go to brave://rewards-internals on the one which has the error? And go to event logs page and tell me if any log looks similar to the one I’ll upload below.
Do share a screenshot so I can confirm you are looking at the correct thing

@mrlulli If you’re saying first one is allowing you to connect, then seems like you were “grandfathered in” with that Rewards profile. So you should remain able to connect unless/until your region is completely dropped, you Reset your Rewards, or you do something to corrupt the profile.

As to your second laptop, all depends on if it works the same as above. If that particular Rewards profile was not already linked to Gemini then it should be “grandfathered in” and able to connect. But if that particular Rewards profile was not connected, then you’ll be unable to connect to Gemini.

If it doesn’t say like this anywhere. It proves That this rewards profile wasn’t connected to Gemini earlier. It’s either a new one, reset Brave rewards. Reinstall. Or any other reason that could cause deletion of Brave local data on that machine.

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