Hello Guys I using brave for 60 days and don't know how it works paymen to brave I have 9 bat and i het paid for 9 bat?

Hello @Urim
You’ll be paid next month 9.49 Bat (July). It looks as if these were tips sent to you after the payout report was generated.

Did you link your brave publisher account with Uphold?

I connected it with uphold This 9 bat is the payment I will pay ???

Yes, 9+ Bat is meant to be paid to you in July.

Referral payment How is the procedure Where can I see how much I am paid by the referral

The rate depends on your region. I think if you from USA you get around $7 worth of Bat for each successful referral, In my region I get $1 for each successful referral, I’m in Africa.

I know this But this 9+ is payment and referral ??

It could be. Try log in using a PC to see your where that amount comes from.

thank for your attention

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You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face: @Urim

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