Hello everyone ,Im new here

I downloaded Brave just 2-3 days ago and made all verification needed. Now I would like to know something.
I can see 5$ in my Brave aplication but I cant see nothin on my Brave Rewards.
please help me!
thank you!

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Can you elaborate morr about this? :point_up:

what ? a I sayed I dont know how it works

I mean, this one is on your “Brave Rewards” wallet inside the browser (brave://rewards).


This one is?

on Brave reward it says 0.00$

Can you share a screenshot of the “issue”? I’m not entirely sure about that. Also, are you on desktop or mobile?

Im using mobile app on my iphone 6S

Ah, got it! Thanks for the screenshot, @klevis.

So, it’s two different wallet with two different purpose. And not connected to each others.

  • creators.brave.com account is used to verify and manage your channel and allow you to receive tips and contribution from your fans/viewers
  • while the in-browser wallet is to manage your funds for Brave Rewards as user. It’s a place where you can set your auto-contribution and/or tips to support (other) creators. And if you want, you can opt-in to receive Brave Ads and start to earn BAT.

You can learn more about Brave Rewards here

thank you for your time , but where can i see my koney and how much i can withdraw?

Your BAT is in your browser wallet.

Withdrawal functionality is only available for desktop, for now.

And you’ll not be able to withdraw BAT from free grants. Because it’s purpose is to help user try the Rewards system.

if I send tip on my youtube chanel?

May lead to account suspension. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029235132-BAT-Creator-Grant-Guidelines

last thing is there a brave wallet where I can able to control my fund and to withdraw my profits?

Your fund will be withdrawn in uphold wallet

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