Hello community, I wanted to know how you can automatically minimize notifications from YouTube. without the user pressing the ( x ) and the option ( close )

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Hello community, I wanted to know how you can automatically minimize notifications from YouTube. without the user pressing the (x) and the (close) option because it is too annoying every time a notification appears and I have to keep pressing the x and close I wanted to know if there is a flag that can be enabled in Brave://flags

Screenshot of the ad as it appears on Brave


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Cc: @mattches I need help please. Is there a flag that can be enabled?

@Chocolate You shouldn’t even be getting those. Even with default Shields settings, you shouldn’t really be getting anything. So if you’re seeing ads, it makes it sound like your Shields are disabled or you have an extension creating a conflict.

If you want the best result on adblock, essentially make sure your settings are similar to what you see below. Settings are in brave://settings/shields and brave://settings/shields/filters


I have Easylist - Cookie List on out of habit. It actually belongs to Fanboy Annoyances List as well, I believe. So you don’t need both on, but it is what it is.

And if you don’t have Shields on to block it, then no, there’s no way to edit to “auto close” for you. Instead Shields just stops them from ever showing to begin with.

Hi @Saoiray thanks for the reply. I just wanted to know if there is an option that can be enabled in Brave://flags. that YouTube notifications can be minimized without me pressing it
( x ) I was testing with the macrosoft Edge browser and if it works for me and if you can automatically minimize YouTube notifications. but in Brave it doesn’t work

This is a function of the OS, not of Brave. If there is this option, it would be found in the Windows Apps & Notifications settings.

Also, to be clear, you do want to see these notifications, correct? If not, you can disable the ability for YT to send you notifications by visiting youtube.com, clicking the “lock” icon in the address bar, then Site settings and change the Notifications value to Block:

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Ah, I wasn’t recognizing it as a ad notification. Was thinking it was the little thing that appeared on the corner of videos on occasion.

Well, hopefully Mattches has answered the question then. (^_^)

I already have it enabled as the image appears, but I want to know if there is an API that can minimize youtube notifications as my screenshot appears but youtube notifications are not minimized automatically. And it doesn’t close the notifications. but in edge it works. but in brave it does not work and in chrome I was also experimenting it does not work either

There is probably something connected via Edge and Windows that allows you to do this because again I’m quite confident this is a OS function, not a browser function, which is why it doesn’t work in Chrome or Brave (and likely most other browsers).

It would be great if in future updates this problem could be fixed in Windows and on all platforms and add an API so that notifications can be minimized automatically as the Macrosof Edge browser does. Thank you very much for the help @mattches @saoiray

@Chocolate If it’s through the OS, then may not be able to. The reason why Edge might be able to is because it is created by Microsoft, the same who makes Windows. So they may have extra access.

That said, your best bet on getting something like this handled probably would be to suggest it to Chromium, if you can submit it to their teams. Brave uses the base for Chromium and then puts in an effort to strip and add certain features to improve privacy and to give extras like adblocking & Rewards. So if Chromium could find a way to make the change happen, it likely would arrive to Brave faster than Brave having their small team get to it. This is especially true as there are a lot of other things of higher priority now.

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You can go to the brave settings and block youtube.com from sending you notifycations however minimizing is impossible

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