Hello been having some issues with Brave on my android tablet

It was fine last night, and then this morning i started it and it kept crashing and my device froze.

so i deleted and reinstalled it and i noticed somethings that were really off about my Gmail, ok in listed devices it had a second Android listed, which when i looked into details on the email page the only sign ins were from my IP. and I also found out this other Android only appears on the list through the Brave app, I can delete it, use another browser and it doesn’t show again. When I change my password, and go into Gmail on Brave i notice the android device reappears, I check the sign in log and its from my IP log.

I have been very stressed about this today I have Asperger’s so i tend to over think and stress easily, I am concerned that my account is hacked through Brave, but it really doesn’t seem that way as this unknown Android entry only surfaces on the list of signed in devices when I use Brave.

Also I noticed when signing into my Google account that in the link the numbers keep changing.

I am uncertain of what is the cause of my issues with Brave browser today, not sure if there are some technical bugs, or if a new update might have launched and caused issues. Play Protect detects nothing wrong with my device since I’ve owned it and everything else seems to be functioning normally.

Thank you very much if I can have my worries eased as I haven’t had nothing like this before. I generally browse safe and don’t download much.


Thanks for reaching out! It’s okay to be worried about this stuff – safety first, right?
That said I do have a couple questions surrounding the issue you’re describing:

If I’m following correctly – you’re saying that there is a separate, Android device listed under your list of signed in devices that appears on your Google account, is that correct? Further, you can only view this device when using Brave(?) but other browsers (after signing into your google account) do not show this device – is this correct so far?

Are you viewing all of this by using your Android tablet? Do you have a desktop computer available that you ca use?

Yes you are correct, and also I do have a laptop and I have used firefox and google browsers to sign in there as well that presented no problems, also firefox and google on my only android tablet. i don’t have a cellphone, nor do I have anything connected to my Google account besides the laptop and android tablet.

maybe this has been going on with Brave for as far as I know with the secondary android and I haven’t took notice until today when I started the device and the browser kept saying not responding and every time i tried it it would do so again. Once the tablet completely froze on Brave. i reinstalled it and everything seemed smooth, but then i had to notice this secondary android listing, so my anxiety started racing again, and I did some tests of removing said device, signing back into Brave then it reappeared, i checked the login logs and it said it was my IP. it only comes back on the list when i sign into google from Brave.

Gotcha. Lets try and level the field here:

  1. On your desktop, open Brave and go to Gmail.com
  2. Once logged in, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Details (dunno why this link is so small and hard to find, picture for reference):
  3. In the Account activity box that appears, select Sign out of all other Gmail web sessions:

    You should now only see one device signed into your account in the Concurrent Sessions section at the top of this window.
  4. Log out of Gmail in Brave, open another browser, and repeat steps 1 and 2 in the browser you chose.
  5. Observe where the Concurrent Sessions section [was] at the top – you should still not see any other devices listed here (that is, there shouldn’t be a Concurrent Sessions section):

Let me know if performing the above results the same.


Ok i had to download brave on the laptop, when i checked recent logs from switching through both browsers the IP’s remained the same, i did see that after switching over browsers after signing out every used web user and logging onto the account on another browser after logging out of the account it did say a session was still active, but it was within my IP.

i feel even more concerned, or unless the status of the log in session takes time for it to disappear.

I’m also a quite bit confused as well, I’m not really a computer expert lol.

however when i sign out of web sessions and see for awhile if there’s another session that comes through by refreshing the page and checking details, no other sessions come through.


Ok now I looked in security to see if the Brave browser for my desktop would create a secondary laptop and it did, i couldn’t tell with the second Android from the Android version where it was coming from, but both laptops state Warren R.I. so i think it might have something to do with the Brave browser?

There hasn’t been anyone’s device i would have used my account on, i don’t know many people in the area or even leave the house much for that matter. xD My siblings who are much younger than me and my mom live here and they certainly wouldn’t have access to my account, i also changed my password twice today. very strange, never heard of such a thing,

the second android listing never returned though since i haven’t opened Gmail on my Android and removed it, however now there’s a second computer/laptop listing since i installed Brave on my laptop from the same area.

I also test it by signing out of one browser, and while on security of another browser it’ll say signed on 1-3 minutes ago, then i sign out of that one and then back on, refresh the security page of the other browser and it’ll say signed on just now.

Note that on the Security page in on your Google account, it will keep a list of devices you’ve used/logged in from – this list is running and does not indicate the number of devices signed in. However, in the Activity on this account page from the steps above, it shows recent activity and concurrent sessions. If there are no concurrent sessions, you should see this:

i went through that, i mentioned it in one of my earlier posts.

i’m not the best at explaining so maybe i worded it improper,

but i did as you said in following the steps and when switching to another browser after logging off it did say another session was active in that section. it did list my IP however. i clicked sign out of all devices from the details menu, then logged out of said browser, went to another browser to login and it said one session is active. i did it a bunch of times and came up with the same thing.

if i wait a bit though the session wont be active anymore, by restarting the page a few times, but if i go through the steps again it comes up again as another session active. maybe the second browser needs to be logged off longer i’m not sure, before i check on the other one. because if i do it straight away the other session will be listed.

i don’t get secondary devices in the security however unless i’m using Brave browsers for some reason.

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