Heavy Battery Drain on Lenovo Ideapad

Recently i noticed that my laptop battery is draining out very fast, while using brave. to check i had set the default graphic to use power saving mode by selecting the integrated Radeon graphics for both chrome and Brave instead of using NVIDIA Graphics processor. But still when i check 50% of the battery usage is by brave vs 10 % usage in case of Chrome. This is compared with same set of extensions and tabs opened. couple of reddit forums, 1 YouTube with a Video song played all along, and a lenovo support channel website.

I think i have to keep aside brave and switch to chrome or edge.

You should be able to toggle between which GPU which browser uses (in Windows Settings). My older laptop had AMD iGPU and Nvidia graphics, used AMD if I want to save power or switch to Nvidia for performance.

Also ensure HW Acceleration is enabled in Brave.

These are the first thing that i do while setting up things.
Windows Settings

Brave settings

I saw github issues, where multiple people reported brave over riding the windows settings to use the GPU instead of iGPU.

Would toggle between the 2 settings to see which one is optimised, also check task manager within Brave itself it see which tabs/process is using the most CPU resources.