[Heads-up] Google ads could be malicious, use aggressive mode to block ads & trackers

Enabling aggressive blocking is possible on a global level (for all websites), as well as on a per-site basis.

Enabling aggressive mode globally:

  1. Type brave://settings/shields in the address bar.
  2. Trackers & ads blockingAggressive.

Enabling aggressive mode on a per-site basis:

  1. Click on the Brave Shields icon in the address bar while you’re in the website you would like to have aggressive ads & trackers blocking.
  2. Set Trackers & ads blocked (aggressive).

As per @sampson

Incredible, it appears as though Google is allowing malicious sites to take-over Brave search terms to target the vulnerable. Consider this site, which uses a homoglyph in the URL to look official. The download is flagged as malicious by several security vendors. Please report!

If you enable Aggressive blocking in Brave (via the shields), you won’t see these potentially-dangerous SERP ads on Google. While making changes, replace Google with search.brave.com for a better experience altogether :wink:

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