HBO GO Stuck after few sec


I dont know what is reason of this. In Safari Hbo Go works normal in Brave after few sec it stuck …buffer and loading… black screen.


Do u have any solution ??


Often for services like this, you might need to enable Widevine DRM in your Brave preferences. If I remember correctly, this has solved issues for folks on services like Hulu, for example. Perhaps it will also work here for HBO! You can go into about:preferences#plugins and enable Widevine.


Nop its not Widevine i had this on before.


Hm, perhaps it is a Flash issue. I’m seeing some threads online about how HBO Go uses flash (though these threads may be outdated). In that case, try to enable Flash in about:preferences#plugins, as Flash is disabled by default in Brave.

If that doesn’t work, also try disabling your Brave shields for the HBO Go site. In the top right corner of your browser, click the lion icon and disable the shields.