Having trouble with setting up my wallet

I’m currently experiencing this issue on the latest Beta version of Brave. Whenever I drag the logo into the correct colored triangle, it pretty much just hangs and says “Hmmm… not quite.” Then tells me to put it on another color afterwards then it just repeats/loops itself again. lol It feels like a mini game :wink: Is anyone else having this issue?

edit: I’m not color blind, I swear. :sweat_smile:

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I am having the same problems. I am new to the Brave browser and am wondering what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @cenon415 @Harkannin,

We’ve an issue logged for this. And it seems like it’s already have a fix. brave rewards: captcha difficulty: win10 x64 · Issue #1350 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

For now, you can try with maximized windows and DPi setting set to 100%.


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Okay, Here are the steps I took to have it work.

Clicked on with Windows logo in the bottom left corner
clicked on the settings logo (the one that looks like a cog)
clicked on Display
under “scale and layout” where it says “change the size of text, apps, and other items” move to 100% (instead of 150% Recommended)
Find a magnifying glass to read the text on my monitor.

go back to the Brave browser and click on the triangle BAT logo
click on Reward settings
click on “claim”
attempt the triangle game/captcha thingy.
It worked!
go back to display settings and restore recommended display settings
put away magnifying glass.

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Hey everyone,
The team is aware of this and we’re implementing a fix for this in a hotfix update coming soon (sorry I can’t be more specific but I don’t have a reliable date/time and I don’t want to mislead). Here’s the issue in which it was being tracked:


Update -
Anyone experiencing this issue should see here: