Having the currently opened tab accentuated in white or some other bright color when using dark mode

As it currently stands, the dark gray color of the currently opened tab is only easily distinguishable when it’s viewed straight on as a screenshot in the middle of the monitor. In actual use during the day (and at night with a lot of room lights on), even the slightest amount of glare on the top of the monitor makes it difficult to tell which tab is opened, so in the case of having multiple tabs of the same website opened at the same time it’s quite likely that I will try to open the tab that is already opened, and even with no glare, if I have lots of tabs, it’s not immediately noticeable, and I have to look for it as it is not clearly visible with peripheral vision and it doesn’t stand out at all.

Granted, the work-around is to use keyboard shortcuts to avoid the issue, but there are times when I just want to sit back and scroll casually with a mouse, in which case that same work-around doesn’t really apply.

Thanks in advance.

Miroslav Majstorovic

Hi @Mikriman,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and for the request!