Having Problems with Piskel

Hi, I use a pixel art online cloud called Piskel to make designs, and I recently switched to Brave, once I started using it again I noticed I’ve been having problems with Piskel, it keeps making random dots on the screen, either on sprites that’s finished, or non that don’t exist at all, and I’m sure this never happened before as I used to use crome in the past, and there doesn’ seem to be a issue with other browsers as well, sore I’m sure!
I would appreciate some help on this matter

I’ve also provided screenshots below

the dots happened
when highlighting on the screen
on the pixels on other layers and Merging them down


Tested the site, didn’t notice any random-ness. I created various frames and created some drawings in each, is there a easy step-by-step test to replicate this? @Blue8

Try inputting a sprite sheet and see what happens, one other thing I also noticed is that they seem to ues different varity of colours on the same colour (…this whole thing is starting to remind me of Microsoft paint)

They seem to occur on layers as well, make some and see what happens

How I often do it is I highlight a blank screen and hold shift to drag, that’s when I usually start to notice the dots

extra layers might help too

Possibly disable hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system may help

Not sure about “inputting a sprite sheet”, but some random doodling was fine.

I’ll give that a try

Drawing on it is fine, the problem is selection, try the selection tool and try dragging (like you wanna reposition or something like that) I’ll see if I can do a video clip

Here’s a step by step, use the rectangle select tool, highly most of the screen, hold shift and Drag

Okay, maybe disable shields?

But here is my basic selection tool changes.

And you caught the strange or glitchy dots around the sprites, notice that?

Disable shields? I might do that

Disabled shields seems to have worked, the dots aren’t randomly appearing

Which shield option is causing it? Fingerprinting? (my guess)

it’s the Brave shields on the website text, where you input the address next to tokens

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