Having more option to set timer after which pages are counted


HI guys,

I was wondering why my most visited domain (crypto news page) wasn even under the top20 payments… then I realized, I set the timer to 1 minute. It looks like I am reading quite fast and therefore clicking under 1min away, maybe to another page of this domain.

I now set it to 8sec.

I was wondering, if I visit a domain, then click after 55sec to another page on the domain, then after 55sec the next and to on… it is not aggregated, which means when I set the timer to 60sec, this domain is not receiving any BAT, even if I spend hours on it…

My suggestions:

  • let me set up a timer for 30sec
  • aggregrate the visits from one domain if I am using internal links

Another question
My workflow is like clicking quickly arround on my two monitors. Which means sometimes I click another windows on the 2nd monitor but still reading the article on Brave. Or not, but coming back after few sec, then go away again, then come back, then open mail account, another tab… whatever. You get the point. I am not reading 5min in a row, this rarely happens.
Also, I am listening to Youtube videos while being in another tab or even window. Also often I speed them up.
How is all this stuff calculated? :slight_smile:



I am trying to find out how times are calculated and it looks like viewing PDF files doesnt count.
You guys can give it a try with this page… view it some time and then look in Brave payment for this domain
example: https://www.uni-weimar.de/medien/webis/teaching/theses/lang_2016.pdf


@jc1337 Thanks for the feedback!

If PDFs or any media isn’t counting on the ledger, that’ll need some investigation. I appreciate the example link.

If you want to get into the weeds on how visits are counted, a portion of that code is here : https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/blob/cd99dc66d1bf13153b5bfae7efdbd6e0d6708441/app/browser/api/ledger.js
addSiteVisit is the method you’ll probably want to dig into.

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