Having issues loading Spectrum TV

I’m having issues watching tv online via Spectrum TV… nothing seems to work…

I’m having the same problem. Reinstalled Flash plugin several time, restarted Brave, etc. all with no success.

What device are you using to access the spectrum tv

Flash player isn’t enable by default on most modern browser but I can show you how to enable it

I get the prompt to allow flash for the site and that works fine for other sites that require flash like foxsports, netflix, hbogo. It’s just not working for spectrum.

To enable flash it can be done by clicking the secure icon on the URL bar, then a small page shows click on site settings, it would open a new tab on that tab you will see flash. It is blocked by default . click on the drop down of flash and you would see allow

I can see shields are down so I will just refer you to @mattches

Thank you and thanks for trying!

This may be a DRM issue. Have you installed the Widevine component yet?

Yes, no luck with that either.

I’ll have to dig into this some more. Thank you for your patience. You’re using Win10 correct?

Yes, Windows 10 with the latest updates. Thanks for drilling into this. Very much appreciated.

Thinking about it, one thing Spectrum does is check if you’re on your home network or not. Not sure if Brave blocks part of this even with shields down.

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Are you connect through a VPN service of some kind?

I have tried it both on my home network and away from home (no VPN) without success. Even tried it away from home using my VPN back to my home network without success.

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I’ve reached out to a few team members for additional input. If nothing shakes out i will file an official issue on this.
One last thing – does it by chance work when attempted in a Private window?

I will give the private window a try tonight and post the results. Thanks for helping with this.

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Private window didn’t work either.

Any update on this? I’m trying to use the browser to watch xfinity TV and I can’t get it to work either.

Any word if this is going to be fixed? Would be nice to use the website without having to have two separate browsers