Having Issue With Using Brave To Create Desktop Apps

I like to use the feature, which is part of Chromium engine but done nicely by Brave, of creating a desktop app for sites that lack their own app. I’m using Mac to do this but I believe it’s available on all platforms. It works by visiting a website you want to install, going to the Brave menu in the upper right and choosing “install Brave Community” (as an example). They function like a regular app and on Mac are nicely kept in a sub-folder of Brave to easily see what you’ve created or to uninstall.

Problem: When I do this on Brave rather than another Chromium browser, and it’s nicer here than on some others, I find that the apps will often close for a reason I can’t find when I click inside them with my mouse. So I might change volume, or make a choice inside the app and it will suddenly close. I can’t find anything consistent that causes this and it doesn’t occur if I do something similar using say, Chrome. I wish I had a better description, I’m just hoping someone else has noticed the behavior if they make use of this feature. Thanks.

Using latest version of Brave, but this has been occurring for last several.

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