Haven't recieved Rewards Since Uphold implemented KYC

I haven’t recieved any rewards for the two months since uphold implemented KYC.

@inrickes You’ll need to be much more specific than that if you need help. Examples of questions I have just from reading what you posted:

  • When you’re saying haven’t received rewards, are you referring to payments or more about ads?

  • Are you seeing ads?

  • You mentioned “since Uphold implemented KYC,” but Uphold has always followed KYC, so what do you mean there?

  • Is this for old browser or new?

  • What OS?

  • What version of Brave?

I’m sure I may have more later. So please, come back and give as in-depth of a description for your problem as you can. If it stays like this, nobody will be able to help you.

@saoiray Thanks for the response.

I haven’t gotten the payments, It says I’ve earned but nothing arrives in my wallet.

Yes I’m seeing ads.

My Browser is up to date.

I use Windows

My version of brave is 1.45.123

Could you tell what you mean by ‘Uphold Implemented KYC’ ?

Wasn’t sure if it shows you Verified in your Rewards. Also did not understand if you are saying if you have completed KYC/AML for Uphold. Neither do I know if you are in a supported country.

However, regardless of the answers, I think it might be best for you to create a Rewards Support Ticket so someone from Brave can help investigate.

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