Haven't recieved my Creator Payout since April 22nd

-windows 10

Was receiving my monthly creator payouts just fine until after my April 22nd payouts. Brave is suggesting that my uphold isn’t properly connected but when I click on the “verify” link and it takes me to uphold everything looks fine. Furthermore I received like 2 BAT in uphold just the other day, but this seems to be related to tips or ads and not what I should be receiving based on my creator pages.

Furthermore, I was receiving monthly BAT from my twitter pages until this time as well, but both have been saying 0.00 BAT since April 22nd and I can’t think of why this would be the case when they were generating BAT for months previous. This has been an awful experience and frankly I don’t know why I’m even promoting Brave Browser to my community when you guys aren’t delivering on your promises.

Can you elaborate more? Screenshot will be helpful too.