Havent Received March Rewards Either

You are repeatedly saying that “if you have received less BAT than expected…” , the reality is we haven’t received any BAT for March

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@brian Hi I hope you are the only person who can help me with my problem. For several month I was receiving my payments but the last month something happened the BAT amount was not received. How can I receive my payments again?

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Exactly , the same happened with me! Thanks for the screenshots


I too haven’t received my BAT for the month of March.

This was the case yesterday,

And when i checked today, this is what i see…

Please do the needful!

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Yeah this BAT never ends up in you balance…
What a great rug pool to show people ads and make money…

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I also haven’t received my march rewards weeelp

march reward not received. now the amount is not shown too

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i haven’t received them either but it shows that I have received in statements

Yep. And my “they’re on their way” sentence
on rewards page is not there anymore. Are they lost forever in the void?

Hi, Mine is not there also, but when i click on brave reward button
It pop-up to claim, maybe it will appear to you to.

I hope we get our payments soon

Me too have the same problem.

@steeven @Mattches

You guys told me I am going to receive my privious 3 month payment.But now my 3 year old account is showing it’s under review.

Solve this problem plz…


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This is part of a known issue that the team is addressing presently:

@Lutfunnesa please re-read the DM conversation you’re having with me and @steeven and continue the conversation there.

Still waiting for 2+ bat, after downloading latest version they desappeared

I have the same. Where are you reporting this problem?

My tokens for the previous month are not showing up too,

This was the screenshot taken at the time of payout

This second one is the latest, a while back when i updated the app, the claim button was active again, but nothing came from it

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I have the same problem. i am using brave on 2 computers and one phone but the payment I received is 0.850 bat. i think its a joke :slight_smile:

Same, they’re not paying. I use it on 3 devices and the one I got the most bat didn’t pay out. Only got few cents

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