Haven't Received April Rewards Yet

Hello, I’m new here. I just discovered the Brave rewards thing and started using this browser in April. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the browser. I was able to earn 7.3 BAT tokens in April, but it has not yet been deposited in my uphold wallet. It is stated that it will be deposited into the wallet between the 1st and 8th of each month. My situation right now is as in the picture I left in the attachments. Is it normal for it not to be deposited in my wallet until this date? Should I be worried about this? Thank you from now

-Brave version 1.38.111
-I verified my Uphold wallet on May 2 and linked it to Brave.


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Not between 1th and 8th, they start the release from the 8th and could need some day to complete the process.

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No problem for me, I can wait. I just don’t have any experience with this as I am just starting to use this browser. When I asked a few people their Bats were deposited. That’s why I was a little worried

You would be getting it by the end of the day

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Once they release the monthly payout your BATs will be stored in your browser, until you link it to an exchange, then you could use it as you like.

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May payouts have just started processing.

Please follow this thread for further updates regarding May payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

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the same here with me. Yesterday all April BATs disappeared. Has the Breave Team already given an answer?

Mine has not been deposited yet, but the Bats of April are still there, mine are not gone

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