Haven't received any ads in the last 2 weeks

Since the last time I claimed my BAT (August 6th) I have received a total of 11 ads and in the last 2 week I haven’t got any ads at all on 2 devices. How is this possible?

No interest to use brave to get $1 monthly…

Many strangers things has being occurring since a couple of moths ago such as lost bats, tranfers that never occur, and many other everywhere.

I have worked in many technology companies around the world and we all know, before a production stage does exist we have a previous test stage. with this, what I want to say is that with all this recursive issues facing us, it is very suspicious of intentional manupulation to delay pays or abort them just because it seems to being overflowing the proyect coz I think that the world economic crisis is drowning the celebration of new campaign contracts and the speed of adoption of the browser and its incentives is going much faster so I think that perhaps a way to contain this excessive relationship, is wating until we find more friendly waters, it is looking to the side and (waiting while “technical problems” are solved), and the Project can once again have a better financial perspective of campaign income and payments out.

I have been reading all the posts for several months, and I think, having this concept formed since I see recursive ways in different situations, I may be wrong, but I see a variety of situations that make me think about the intentional manipulation of the entire situation, including in some way cases authoritarian since if many users get their rewards and their amounts are bulky, they are suspected of abuse and block their activity without having more than suspicions.

I hope this post is not authoritatively deleted, since it is a reflection and if I am wrong, you can excuse my confusion, but it is truly frustrating to see the different situations that arise and how the user loses his precious time in this life trying to solve something that is not within your reach and indeed perhaps, there is no mistake…

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