Haven't received ads for over a year despite having ads turned on

I’ve tried so many times over the past year to reinstall, try different computers, tried resetting wallet, recovering my original wallet, trying a new wallet.

should I just give up or?

Hello @Kurtis

wow a whole year that’s
not sure if that would help or not FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I wish you’d come to us sooner – we could have had this resolved for you a year ago. So it does seem that you have Ads enabled, but it’s likely a OS notification setting thats improperly configured that’s causing the issue. As @justsomeone1 mentions, have you gone through that FAQ/Troubleshooting guide and ensured you have the proper setup? Additionally, can you tell me what OS and Brave version (Menu --> About Brave) you’re using?

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