Haven't gotten a single ad

I’ve already tried everything suggested in the other topics. Can I get some support?

all my notifications and region time settings are correct.

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Hello @basedsecrete. Check if are “on” the Brave notifications on windows. See the screenshot:

Yes I already stated in my first post that all notifcations are correct.

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Then this is the news for you to read: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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I’ve already stated that I’ve tried everything posted in other topics, including that one.

The last thing and then cannot tell nothing. See here if are ads in your country: https://brave.com/transparency/

Yep I live in the united states… Is there any official support from devs on the forum or?

Yes it is but I am not sure if it will be something else to tell except those above. I hope that someone from the Brave team answer to this particular case. I will follow it.

How long have you had ads enabled correctly on this particular machine?

Hi thanks for the reply, Ads have been enabled correctly on my machine since Yesterday morning. I get the notifcations everytime someone responds to a thread so I know my notifications are working I’m just not seeing any ads.

Then as @rolak stated, you should re-read the Ads troubleshooting guide, as there may not be anything wrong at all:>

The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine . In this situation, it really is a feature , not a bug . We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.


I just got my first ad!