Have Used for over a Year - Stopped showing me Any Rewards

I use the Brave Browser for over a year. Initially it would show me accumulating BAT. But then would reset. Then would reset again a month later. Never showed any totals of BAT over time. Now doesn’t show anything, and hasn’t forever.

I did the Safety Test and passed.

Who can help me solve this problem and receive my years worth of BAT from using the Browser?

Thank you.

Try to clear all your cookies. It helps. :slight_smile:

I just tried that. Didn’t change anything. No BAT. Still shows same image everyone else seems to be posting in this same forum as problem.

Sometimes I got 10 adds in a row, then a few hours is quiet, then some adds are poping up. I am not using Brave Add reward for a year, so I can not compare the time of using. There is more Adds, when I search for blockchain and corelated topic. It is based on cookies, somebody told this on this forum.

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