Have Updated Multiple Times...Still Prompted To Install Latest Update


Hi, would appreciate some guidance on this:

Every time i open Brave on my Macbook a prompt to install the new update appears.
i) i click Install, the browser closes and reopens 30secs later…and prompt has vanished.

ii) Within 30secs, the same install prompt appears.

iii) I close Brave, go to Safari and open Brave site

iv) I download latest Brave install to my Mac.

v) Open Brave and within 5mins the install prompt reappears.

vi) I’ve moved older versions to trash, and dmg files also to trash

vii)i’ve emptied trash

Brave: 0.19.116
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: macOS
OS Release: 17.3.0

thank you, msn


Same problem for me!!!

I have several Macs and Brave will NOT update unless macs are logged in as ADMIN!

Hopefully someone inside will read this because this PROBLEM is listed on another thread as SOLVED, this is NOT SOLVED!!!

Brave is a great Browser with a few bugs I love it but . … MANUALLY reinstalling every release as I have been doing IS NOT A SOLUTION! I fear this as been lost by the team, and perhaps users are being lost to the Brave community as well.

Again for clarity, having to manually dowloaded the last 4-5 updates on my Mac (as user without admin rights), closing down Brave, reinstalling, selecting “replace”, and yea that works, but not a usable solution, besides being a pain, it causes some BAD issues with Mac such as blocking log off and reopening Brave again and again after closing brave.

I have Been an IT professional for many years, ironically not being logged in as admin is a very good thing for secure browsing, this is why it’s so important to get this fixed!

We really need Brave to succeed!

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