Have not seen any Ads for 3 months

Hello, I was located on mainland Portugal and was receiving ads and BAT rewards. I moved to the portuguese island of Madeira 3 months ago and have not seen any ads since. I have gone through multiple posts of people commenting the same, all my settings are correct, ads are enabled (5 per hour) I have notifications allowed on windows (Windows 10) and I’ve tried every troubleshooting step I could find on here, do not disturb is off, push notifications from Brave are allow etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

probably because the ip of your internet connection is different from the locale settings in your device, maybe

Hey John, thanks for the suggestion, that was something I forgot to mention in my post is that I’m not using a VPN, so not sure what it could be. I tried using one for a couple days and still didn’t receive any ads.

Thanks Mate, just double-checked this as well, changed the location back to mainland portugal thinking being on Madeira may have messed with it, sadly still no ads showing :confused:

Are you not getting any type of ads, even sponsored images in the new tab page?

Hey John, yeah I see the sponsored ads when I open a new tab still.

Today I just randomly started receiving BAT again out of nowhere. Still no popup ads but It said I got rewards just for the ad on the “new tabs” page. Very strange as I haven’t changed any settings. Bummer I’ve been missing out on BAT for the past 3 months. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved now. Thanks for your time John. Really appreciate it! Gonna try and get the popup ads going again

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glad the sponsored images are paying you again, about the push notifications. something similar happened to me but in may case it was for a month. this solved it for me

enable the next options:


this seems to happend very randomly, some people don’t seem to be affected while other do, in my case I don’t get push notifications ads if those aren’t enabled. base system notifications doesn’t seem to like being used for brave rewards in my laptop (windows 8.1)

hope this help you


Thanks John, I had enabled those options about a month ago as I was trying to fix the issue, they are enabled but still no adverts. Oddly as well, it looks like I only got rewards from the sponsored add new tab page for one day, now no more rewards at all again. Very strange indeed! Dunno what else I can do really. Not using VPS or anything funky so I really have no idea what else it could be?

Hi @Taylerm let’s do this.

  • Go to brave://flags/#brave-rewards-verbose-logging and enable it if not enabled already.
  • then brave://rewards-internals > logs > clear
  • close the browser
  • wait some minutes, then open it again go to brave://rewards-internals , logs tab again, check the “Automatically refresh every 5 seconds” checkbox
  • open a ntp and refresh it to get sponsored images, take note of the erros in the log
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Nice one John, after doing that I see these two errors:

ERROR:credentials_promotion.cc(503)] Token list empty
ERROR:uphold_wallet.cc(330)] Transferring tokens failed!

Those don’t look good but there are no errors that I can see that look ad related.

Really appreciate your time. The rewards verbose logging was already enabled as well. I went through a few weeks ago and enabled about everything I could find that may be ad-related. Very odd.

@Taylerm Yeah, at this point it sounds like you need to message someone like @Mattches when you get a chance. They’ll need your wallet info and all that you see in brave://rewards-internals/ I imagine they will want to look at things server side and handle it.

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What i have to see on rewards internals to check if all its good?
Im from Argentina and i was looking for some videos about how to config Brave Rewards and i saw that too many persons have another option to choose the region over where you choose how much ads you wanna see per hour, but i dont have that option and i dunno if its something of my country or windows. Help me please
Screenshot 2022-02-09 182527

Is it safe to enable custom push ads?
I have windows 10 laptop

Ah hey, thanks so much for the contact info! Yeah, I was trying to see if there was a way to contact official support, that is perfect! Thanks so much, I appreciate that!

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@Donkja Yes, it’s safe. They implemented it for people who were having issues.

@SorryImGody afaik, that only appears to people in USA

@SorryImGody Sorry I didn’t get back to you the other day. I got myself distracted a bit on other posts.

So to see internals, you have to paste that into your URL/Search bar. So put in ‘brave://rewards-internals/’ and it will bring you to a menu with your wallet ID, and a bunch of other things that are meant more for Brave than for us. It’s basically a diagnostic page. So I was just telling you they would need your Wallet ID so they can look and see if there was any issues. But also was telling you that Wallet ID and other information is best kept private, so don’t share it where others can see it. Only share it with a staff member such as Mattches or Steeven.

As to the ad settings and all, that menu you were looking at is only brave://rewards. The difference is Brave Rewards comes up by default, where Internals menu is only availble if you access by typing/pasting in the command/address in the search bar.

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