Have Not Recieved Most Recent Payout

Hello. I have yet to recieve my payout from the most recent payout “period” that started on November 7th. I have a Brave browser account, not a creator’s account. When I go into my wallet tab in the browser settings, it says “MISSING:MONTHNOV 2021.”
I have a verified Uphold wallet connected to my account.

I am using Brave version 1.31.91 on an Android phone.

My browser wallet is currently a verified Uphold wallet.

I verified my wallet on October 30th, 2021.

I have successfully received payments in the past.

I am not using a VPN.

I am in a supported region.

I don’t know if my device would pass this test, I would rather not download this app.

Auto-contribute is off when I enter my settings, and I just switched it back and forth just to make sure.

Also, when I click the settings button and expand my rewards summary at the bottom, it says “no activity this month.” However, when I actually go all the way into my rewards setting and view my pending rewards, I am indeed currently earning rewards for this month.

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