Have not received my Creator payout for October (Gemini)

Hello Support Team!

I have yet to receive my payout of 29.45 BAT in October via Brave Creators rewards. I’m currently verified and linked on Gemini.

Please see screenshot here: https://jmp.sh/qlUSPzq

The “Payout in Progress” status has not been updated for about a month now.

Please help look into this as soon as possible.


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Nobody? Anybody? A little help please…

Which month you connect Gemini account

For Creators? October.

As far as I know, in order for you to receive payout for entire month of October (which happened on November 13-ish), you had to connect your Gemini account to Brave Creators - before October 1st. One more thing - make sure your Gemini account actually has a wallet address created. Mine wasn’t created for 6 months after the account opening. To do so (if you haven’t done it), initiate crypto deposit to your Gemini account (you don’t have to actually transfer any crypto to Gemini account, you just need to initiate the process so Gemini shows you (or creates) your wallet address to where you would send your crypto deposit) - Click Transfer/Deposit into Gemini, Chose currency (ERC-20, BAT for example), click “I Understand”, and then click “Continue”. The Gemini barcode will show up and your wallet address with the date stamp it was created. Click “Done.” That’s it, your wallet address is created (if it wasn’t before. If it was created before - it won’t create a new one, it’ll just show up your already existing wallet address with the date stamp it was created.) This Gemini wallet address also had to be created before October 1st in order for you to get paid for October (on November 13-ish.)

Thanks for this! I realised I had already done this and my wallet was created on 31 October 2021.