Have not received login email

Hello sir,

I have not received publisher login email for three days. I have checked it on junk mails, but i still didn’t see any emails.
Before that, I was still receiving it to log in nornally.

Please check it and let me know why.
Thanks for your help.
@Asad, @eljuno, @alex

I have realised that the signing up verfication email is still working, but the logging in verification email is not working for Outlook mail system. Please check it.

@newkindofmoon I’m not using Outlook, so I’m not sure about that.

Did you check for the latest email? On Gmail, for example, new email usually appears as a thread.

Yes sir @eljuno, I have checked all of places, include junk mails and inbox. No email received.

This problem has only happened in the past few days. Before that, I had received email from Brave normally.

Please check it.

Why nobody on admin board solve my problem?
@Mattches please check it for me.

Have had this problem since the 27th of April, Still yet to receive any response from brave as to whats going on…

@newkindofmoon, @Matthew,
Can you please check and confirm that these emails weren’t accidentally marked as spam/junk emails?

Nope been trying and checking spam./ Junk the whole time

Can you send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Creators account so that I can see what may be happening on our end?

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Looks like your emails were being flagged as spam – fixed that. Make sure to check all spam folders for the login email. :slight_smile:

Sir, i have checked many many times, I had not added Creators email to spam list.
You can see here:

I’ve also checked my inbox and junk mails, there’re no email received yet.
Or is my account locked? I didn’t receive any notification email.
I have run a Google ads compaign. Is it legal? I think yes, because all of downloads are from real people.

I don’t know why, i didn’t do anything, but this morning, i have received my first login email from last 2 or 3 weeks.
Thank you. but please answer me my question? running Google Ads is legal?

Sorry to answer your question so late!

Running Google ads for your referral link is okay, yes. We will likely ask you for proof of your ad spend + metrics though.

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I’m ready to show you my proof, but on private message or email not here.

Sure, send me an email at asad@brave.com

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