Have not received BAT Rewards Payment for April 2020

It is now May 14 and I have not received Brave Rewards for April 2020. I also have not received Brave rewards for March 2020.

My uphold account is connected to my Brave Browser and have been receiving rewards to my Uphold account prior to March 2020.

Why am I having this problem?


Same for April. I think it’s definitely lost… Spending many hours to get BAT and end up with 0 BAT in my wallet. How can we trust the Brave browser in this situation ?


I faced same problem.

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Hello guys, there’s a topic open for that May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.
Brave team is working on the issue and they will release a new version in the upcoming days so that everyone will get their due rewards. Don’t worry and keep having faith :slight_smile:

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That article talks about Ads User, How’s about Referral Publisher?

It’s now the 14th. I initially lost 40 bat and several days ago I lost almost 17 more. Don’t think the problem is going to be fixed.

Nothing is lost. You will receive every token owed.

We’re happy to help with Publisher issues as well, @newkindofmoon. Feel free to DM me to explore your situation further. Eager to assist.

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Our upcoming builds should resolve these issues for you, @incomepro. So far, no tokens have been lost. Users have, however, seen client-side reporting issues. We’ve identified those issues, and are shipping updates which should resolve them. If you would like to discuss your particular case in more detail, please send a private message. All the best!

Hi @sampson sampson . Please check for me. I have not still get reward for publisher( my referal was confirm in march)

Hello, @tallylove. Please message me to proceed. Thanks!

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@sampson I sent detail situation in your inbox message. thank you so much for your reply. I am very grateful to you.

Thank you for your reply, sir! I’ve sent you a message, please check. Thanks

@sampson Answer my message pls, sir!

Hi @sampson . Please help me.
I have not received a publisher award either (my referral was confirmed in March).

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I faced same problem, please check messages

If you’re experiencing an issue with your balance on iOS or Android, please be patient. We’re working on solutions, and will have updates to you as soon as possible. Fortunately, users are not losing tokens–these issues appear to largely be related to an incorrect balance being displayed within the app. That said, please do not uninstall or reinstall Brave, or make any attempt to resolve this issue yourself, as that could potentially lead to permanent data loss.

@sampson pls check my pm sampson. I am looking forward to your feedback

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