Have not received a single ad since august

I have not received any ads since last month. i have even uninstalled and reinstalled Brave but to no avail. what seems to be the problem? please fix this. thanks.


Same problem no adds are showing from this month


Hope this helps :-


Hey Maniyash,
I tried this and succeeded. I even redo this from time to time!


I’m using brave in mobile so tell me

@Rotblut Included this method to my thread :slightly_smiling_face:

@Maniyash hope this helps > UPDATED : Few Tips for Those Who is Not Receiving ADs

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Yes plss tell me …

I stopped getting ads for like 2 months… Who knows when things will actually get fixed? Maybe never?..One of the reasons I installed Brave was for this feature, but sadly the whole BAT ad system is broken in my opinion…Oh well. What can you do? It is what is it is. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Nice one! :pray: I found it

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The procedure would be the same. Use your file explorer and find the client.json. After you found it, repeat the steps to success. Afterwards tell us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t understand plsss tell me clearly plssssss

In my wallet 12 BATS are there but when I reinstall the brave 12 BATS are shows are not

File explorer menas application or any

yes, a application with which you can browse your file system.

In my file manager there is no CLIENT.JSON file

android device needs root access. because catalog.json is on root directory


Yes I browsed but that file cannot find in my mobile so plsss tell me solution

Same here not received any ads since 2 months on my android device

device needs root access!

Yes I will check …root access checker application can I use or