Have I been exploited?

Hey, I’m on Windows 10 and I was trying to download an mp3 file from https://ytmp3.cc/en13/
I couldn’t download it, instead I got redirected a few times.
I quickly closed the redirects.
A few seconds later I got a windows firewall prompt for the brave browser.
I’ve been using brave for like a couple months and this never happened.
Is that supposed to happen or is it possible that I was exploited through a browser vulnerability?

The only extensions I have are Stylish, Honey and WOT.

My instinct was to deny and close everything quickly, so I couldn’t take any screenshots, but it looked something like this:
Here’s my history:

(idk why it shows redirects before ytmp3.cc)

Should I be worried?

Oh and it’s my first time here so I apologize if I did anything wrong

EDIT: to be clear, the first screenshot shows a similar message that I replicated with netcat, the one that I got was really from Brave
EDIT 2: I’ve just noticed that my BAT wallet has been disconnected, not sure if it’s related

Maybe yes, you got exploit. Any way it’s not quite a problem from the browser (in my point of view), it could happened in any other browser, more/less if your system is outdated. Any way, if you denied the solicitud your firewall should have block the connection to the site that was trying to do bad stuff. (Did you had the shields off?)

In any case, i recomend this software to download videos from YouTube (as i see that was the thing you were trying to do).

It a very good software, it allows you to download youtube videos as mp3 or mp4

Hey, thanks for replying!
I think I’m only missing the latest windows update (because my C drive is full and I can’t download it)
For downloading from youtube, I usually use the youtube-dl program, but it wasn’t working for what I wanted to do, but thanks for the suggestion.
I was thinking I can still have malware doing stuff that doesn’t require a connection to a remote server, but I think I will just let windows destroy itself and install then linux

The orginal site links to the “download” which is just an advert server https://fjrifj.frl/u

I wouldn’t trust https://ytmp3.cc/en13/

Right, it used to work a long time ago, then I stopped using it, and now I remember why :frowning:

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