Have had to switch to another browser on some systems here

Sorry Brave. As I require the ability to be able to access tabs that I have open on my desktop on my iOS device and vice versa, I have had to resort to MS Edge on my main desktop here and on iOS. If I did not have to share data I would probably still be using Brave on all my systems here.

I will continue to use Brave on another computer here but on my main computer, I need a browser that functions across platforms and allow the sharing of information between those platforms. SyncV2 in my opinion seems to have been rushed out the door in order to replace syncV1 which had to be disabled due to serious issues back in 2020.

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I totally agree with the above post.

I have been a long-time Brave user. I have used Brave for many, many years.

Finally I am going to move away from Brave. What are the reasons?

  1. The abundance of bugs are too much for me to handle. Every new version will come with new bugs. For me as a user it seems that bugs are rarely addressed or fixed. But maybe I am mistaken and there are just too many of them and the Brave devs cannot keep up with them.

Either way I am not willing to tolerate this any longer.

  1. Sync? Did not work in the past and does not work now at least not reliably. Sorry, I have no tolerance for this either. Brave devs have been working on this for years. Results are laughable.

  2. Blocking cookie banners: Worked on desktop in the past. Has not been working for months now. My bug report has been closed without any commentary. Yes I know - with so many bugs under investigation you have to prioritize. But this would prove my first point.

  3. Cookie banners on iOS: Banners are not blocked. Feature request has been opened month and month ago. Nothing happened.

So no, Brave devs, my patience has run out. On iOS - my primary OS - there are far better and more advanced alternatives. Even Safari with Adguard (or something similar) works far better than Brave.

My advice: Concentrate on eliminating bugs. Skip the reward feature that is causing the forum to get flooded with people complaining about things not working as expected. Implement features across all platforms simultaneously to give user a smooth and consistent user experience. And engage more with the community especially when people report bugs.

Until these issues will be addressed by the Brave devs I will stop using Brave and will not recommend it anymore to user people.


Yes that is my feeling as well I had been using Brave since 2018 and was amazed at the responsiveness of the sport here in the channel.

However with the influx of people using Brave for BAT earning it seems the prevalent posts here and on Reddit have become BAT issues. Close to a year go I posted repeatedly here regarding the inability to have the Browser delete specified cookies upon closing the browser. I got a couple of initial responses from Brave people and then nothing. I thought it was something regarding my install so I spent countless hours testing on my own. I posted on GitHub and got it confirmed as bug which to this day still is not fixed.

The result is that I remained logged into Gmail when I close the browser. Other Chromium browsers do not have this issue.

I had the same experience when Sync V2 rolled out. I posted here about the Open Tabs behaviour and at the time seeing only 4 tabs. Thought again it was me posted the issue here and nothing. Tried various things no difference. Posted on Github oh ya that is a known limitation. This was how Sync V2 was released. Half finished. Now this weird behaviour re only syncing some tabs was blamed on issues in Chroumium that was inherited. Testing again on my part showed that MS Edge has no issue syncing Open Tabs back and forth between platforms or between Windows to Windows.

Imagine how many other users less vocal than myself and @Brave_user who never bother posting here but simply ditch Brave altogether and leave for the competition. As Brave_user indicated fix the darn bugs in the existing builds rather that rolling out extra features. Get a firm base on which to build future features rather than relying on a shaky foundation.

People like us simply want a browser that works and whose features are not buggy for year + and go unfixed. Enhance the support level that is being offered here so that users who are frustrated get answers to issues that are NOT BAT or payout related. You can not build a future on a foundation that is weak.

I hope my frustration that I have had over the last 2.5 years with Brave shows because Brave needs to realign and reinforce their support if they want to grow.


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