Have exceeded 4 devices limit due to reinstall of browser. Now what !?

I have apparently exceeded my 4 devices lifetime limit for BAT wallet linked to uphold… The last change was a uninstall/erase/reinstall of Brave due to viral trojan found in brave.exe file. (ironmodal.com- redirect ) Given the main reason I use Brave is because you pay me I ask how can I remove prior devices link/record to reinstate my browser/BAT wallet to Uphold . Frankly if this is not possible then I may as well remove brave and go back to Chrome. Please help . I don’t know how to ‘work around’ this one ! NB I have two devices in reality. This PC and One Moby. PC was changed last year and this PC has had OS reinstall- Hence 4 instances of devices… many thanks

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

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