Have Brave on desktop that died

So, my pc desktop than runs Brave had died, and it ain’t coming back. I now have a pc laptop on which I would like to run Brave with all the history and bookmarks I had on the desktop, but I can’t seem to find a way to do that. Sync won’t work because the desktop kaput. Is there a way to access my stuff? If I am able to recover data from the dead computer’s C drive is there a file I can search for and import to my laptop? Help!



Hi… If your desktop windows is not bootable but yet the hard drive is still good . I would try to install the hard drive onto a different computer and export your browser history/ cache/ password/bookmarks

Where might those be found? I take it there is no way to sign on with a different computer like Chrome.

Hi @getgoin,

Welcome to community. Sorry to hear about your old PC. This is an OS issue. If the hard drive is still functional, that would be the only to recover your history and bookmarks. There is no sign in with Brave.

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!

Okay, if you put your hard drive into another computer hopingfully it will start up it’s not guaranteed it will but it might. It would be great lets say your computer is a Dell and you take your hard drive to another Dell computer it would make it a little better to start it up. Okay, now to get hopefully your data back . If you’re able to start up the other computer start Brave the browser and then go to the following at the top right corner look at pic

Go there and select Bookmarks and then select Bookmark Manager, again go at the top right corner at pic


Now select export Bookmark and save it onto the desktop. Once that file is there take it your laptop or which ever computer you want and load it

Above and beyond. Thank you. When I give it a go I will let the community know if it worked.



I can get the drive open, but I can’t get it to run Brave, even though all the files are there. Where is the bookmarks file located so I can try and copy and past into the new version of Brave?

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