Have BAT in progress but showing 0.0 BAT in current period at channel status

I have 672 BAT in my balance, from them 526 BAT is in Payout Progress for this 8th of february.
But down end of the page where there my channel status like channel name, added date, ref link but there it showing current period 0.0 BAT. why? is it gonna be problem for my 526 BAT to get paid out at 8th of february?


Sreenshots please…

here the screenshots:

Same issue with me. I have 148 pending payout in the top, but a deposit of 28 BAT has been pending since the January payout date…

Any help here @eljuno?

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What you say “0.00 bat” will not affect the current payout. The counter with “0.00” shows the number of tokens that other people donated to you through your YouTube channel.


Payment of this month still have not sent to creator, you will receive 526BAT tomorrow


thanks 4 inform me this.

I hope so. But who knows how many hours they take to pay.

I have something to ask you can help me with

I can talk to youdsadsa

ask here. I not understood that you me in lichku has thrown off

do you run ads :nhăn nhó:

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